Application for the issuance of a traffic order

Ordering of traffic law measures according to § 45 StVO (German traffic regulations)


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Reference to mandatory required documents

The following documents are required for the application for a traffic order and must be uploaded on the last page:

  •     Regulatory plan or /and
  •     signposting / detour plan
  •     other attachments (if necessary)

A maximum of one document can be uploaded per upload field.


Note on data protection

Personal data is collected, processed and stored in order to process the application. You can download the data protection information sheet here.

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Verantwortliche Person für die Verkehrssicherung / verantwortlicher Bauleiter

Please note the following information:


The responsibility for the traffic safety duty must be assigned in each individual case to a very specific employee who must be qualified, suitable and reliable for the performance of this task. Qualified means, for example, this person in charge must have the required skills and knowledge. This person must be able to provide evidence of training in accordance with RSA and MVAS99. This is not possible without education and training in relation to the applicable regulations.


The applicant / instruction addressee must be authorized to give instructions to the person responsible. The person responsible for traffic safety must in turn be authorized to give instructions to the executing forces on site.


The person in charge must be reachable via the specified telephone number during and after working hours and, under certain circumstances, be able to be on site within a short time. Furthermore, the ordering authority must be informed immediately of any absence or unavailability of the person responsible and a substitute with the same qualifications must be named in advance.


The person responsible for traffic safety must be familiar with the German traffic regulations and the tasks of traffic guidance, signage, marking, protection and lighting required in the area of work sites and be able to produce and assess them in accordance with the ZTV-SA, as well as being proficient in the German language.

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