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Welcome to the online form for the school entry examination of the city and district of Hof!

The school entrance examination is an aid for you and your children to detect health impairments relevant for school attendance, such as visual, hearing or speech disorders. A review of fine motor skills is also conducted, as this is an important prerequisite for learning to write.

Completion of the following medical history form is voluntary and serves to better prepare for the respective individual case as well as anonymous data collection for the Bavarian State Office for Health and Food Safety.






Sprachauswahl / select language

Parents details

Personal data of the legal parent(s)
Details of the other parent/guardian

Child Data

Personal data of child

For a clear and error-free assignment, please use the data from your childs invitation letter.

Pregnancy, birth and development

Details of the course of pregnancy
Details of development of child

Diseases of child

Details of diseases of child
Further details of severe hearing disorders

left ear

right ear

left ear

right ear

Angaben zur festgestellten Stoffwechsel-/Hormonerkrankung

Support measures and treatments

Details of support measures and treatments
Details of the paediatrician in charge